Analysis and evaluation of Naturalism

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Naturalism is such a powerful and influential system, and metaphysical is very popularly in the twentieth century. So, it makes Christian became a big enemy in the worldview of Naturalism. In the Naturalism worldview, the naturalists believe that all life thing, such as human, animals, and plants are in the sealed box, and everything that happens are also inside the box. There are nothing happens outside the box, it also includes God.

However, there are five propositions of the metaphysical naturalist belief, there are only nature exists, nature is a materialistic system, nature is a self-explanatory system, nature is characterized by total uniformity, and nature is a deterministic system. The first point of view is only nature exists. It means anything exists is in the part of the box. So throughout this point, we can know that God does not create our world, everything is by natural order. Because of naturalist belief that nothing that happen will outside the box, so it means Christian believe their God is do not exist.

And it also means they believe by nothing.

The second point is nature is a materialistic system. The materialistic system is such things as human memories, our past and the future plans, or anything caused by material. So, we can say that our fate or our mind is caused by nature. God or other thing outside the universal does not control our fate.

The third point is nature is self-explanatory. The naturalist must believe that the natural order is eternal. Our universe existence is necessary to seek the explained, because it is exists by natural. Nothing is beyond at the natural order. So, it means our universe is not created by God, also everything happens inside the box is caused by natural, we are not necessary to seek the...