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"How does it feel to not exist?"

"Another" is a Japanese horror, mystery novel by Yukito Ayatsuji. Having read the novel first, I found this adaptation by PA Works to be very satisfying. I felt that it created an atmosphere that the novel wasn't able to, and although "Another" is listed as a horror anime, the horror aspect is very minor; therefore, "Another" should be approached as simply a mystery/suspense anime.

Story: 8.0

The story follows Koichi Sakakibara as he moves to the quiet city of Yomiyama. Immediately he's transferred into class 3-3. Although he appears to be fitting in well, he soon realizes that this class has something "off" about it. He feels as if the class is hiding something from him. At the centre of all this, he finds a mysterious girl, Misaki Mei, whom the class seems to completely ignore. Soon after realizing this, Koichi's classmates start to die one by one.

Will he be able to uncover the truth in a class full of mystery?

The story of "Another" is done in a slow pace, which allows for events to unfold in a way that maximizes suspense and makes it easy for the viewer to follow along. With the amount of mystery that the anime brings, the viewer will find themselves constantly wondering and guessing, which entices the viewer to finish to the end. The story tries very hard to be complex and mysterious, and it may be a little overwhelming because of that. But, it's all this suspense, intrigue, and unpredictability that makes "Another" worth the watch.

Characters: 6.0

With such a unique and interesting story, it would be ideal to have an equally interesting cast of characters to back it up. Unfortunately, "Another" falls short in this area. All side characters in "Another"...