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As one of Sophocles’ best-known characters, Antigone is a young girl with a tragedy brewing inside of her because of her steadfast heart and adamant will. Her mind is set upon burying her dishonored brother against the decree of his king-uncle Creon and their fated clash still rings true through the immortal play Antigone.

Antigone, the tragic heroine in the play, is a well-developed character with complex backgrounds but straightforward motivations. Like her father Oedipus, she is quick-witted and active, as we can see from the first few lines of the play that Antigone has already resolved to defy Creon’s decree and planned the burial of her brother Polynices. Also, when the sentry dug the rotting body out by the order of Creon, Antigone is seen finishing the reburial of the body in merely a few lines down and we cannot help but marvel at the speed of her actions.

Apart from the swiftness, Antigone is also like her father in her forceful and elaborate rhetoric. As Oedipus spoke with the authority of a king to his citizens, Antigone spoke with no less authority against a king. Where, one will wonder, did Antigone get such power to speak as an exile and a woman? While Oedipus obtained his confidence in his own merits and kingship, Antigone’s courage sourced not only from her inherited traits but from the faith that the gods are on her side and that she is morally and ethically correct. Such faith and reverence to the gods supported Antigone in every accusation toward Creon and has helped her stay on the same course leading to the goal of honoring both her beloved brother and the gods above. Creon, on the other hand, is so blinded by his own pride and rage...