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Edward Estlin Cummings has a poetic style that is distinct from any other poets who came before or since. His poetry rejected many grammatical rules or rules of syntax and created a new realm within which he wrote. Cummings recurring themes include the celebration of individualism, love, and the essence of spring. His poems must be read several times, first to grasp the main point, and then to go back and pay more careful attention to details. These multiple readings are what allow the audience to extract increasing levels of meaning and depth from Cumming?s poems. The first reading simply introduces the reader to Cummings? use of grammar and the meaning behind the orientation of words in the poem being analyzed, but doesn?t even scratch the surface of the real meaning of the poem. Besides incorrect use of grammar and syntax, Cummings also used punctuation, capitalization, and spacing when and how he pleased in order to produce a desired affect.

In his poem ?anyone lived in a pretty how town,? Cummings uses reversed word order, play on words, and repetition to describe the life cycle of a group of townspeople, while highlighting the particular lives of a man and woman who live and fall in love in the town. It is said in the poem that a couple, ?noone? and ?anyone,? are looked down upon by the people of the town, and only a few children notice them and their lives. This poem includes the themes of changing seasons, marriage, birth and death, love, dreaming, joy and hope.

The first and second stanzas introduce the reader to a man, ?anyone,? a typical person, who lives in ?a pretty how town,? and from one season to the next is looked down upon by ?Women and men (both little and small),? people...