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Thanh Nguyen

Dual English 4


13, February 2013

Rhetorical Analysis

In a society that is constantly changing, many students are not going to college after graduating from high school, instead these students are going into the work force without any experiences, creating an issue for our economy. In 2008, Robert T. Perry, wrote an essay which appeared on and then again in a college book, Practical Argument, about "On 'Real Education.'" Perry proposed that the United States "need more, not fewer university and community college graduates." The writer believed that if there were more colleges and universities there would be a wider range of more skilled and smarter workers for the new job opportunities heading this way. This essay is effective through it's method of rhetorical elements that Perry uses to create a powerful, persuasive essay.

In his argument, Perry states that removing students from college would interrupt the progress of this society of becoming a leader in education.

This allows the reader to immediately keep reading about what the rest of the essay contains. Perry begins his essay off exemplifying logos; he stated "Removing some 80-90 percent of our students in in my state, or just about any state would interrupt the pipeline of skilled workers, making it nearly impossible to meet the needs of a society that has defined postsecondary credentials as an entry point for most professions." This technique immediately establishes the essay as formal. Not only that but also that author places bullet points to make his research stand out more clearly. Perry argues that we need more colleges and university in the United States, stating what would happen to the United States if we were to pull out all the students who are wasting their time in college. Not only would...