Analysis of Byron's When We Two Parted

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Seduced, lied to and hide away in shame. Walking through the shadows and dancing in the night is the way to hide. Always together, but only in the shade. In Lord Byron When We Two Parted he write about a love affair between two loves. Secrets and lies only leave to betrayal and loneness.

The poem starts off with their leave, the two lovers now nothing, but allusions. They both left with "half broken - heart[s]". They "love" each other and leave in tears "pale...cheeks". They use imagery to describe the "morning dew" and how it reminds him of the "shame" he is in. His tone is shameful and his conscious is already getting to him, for when he hears her name, he feels the deceitful lies he has lived in. Last his tone is regretful, not for what he did, but what he cannot do anymore. His tone is always dejected for he wants her, but cannot continue this lie.

He is confused and knows not how he should react, if they meet again. Also when he asks "How should I greet thee" With Silence and tears." Meaning he feels he will see her again, but is sad that it wont be how it was, because it wouldn't be with him.

It's mans nature to feel guilty or wrong for doing not what was right. It's also man's nature to go more toward the bad than good. It's easier to be bad. Though it's easier to be bad it's easier to get hurt doing bad. Everytime you do wrong, you will hurt in the end, one way or another. Having an affair, like the one in this poem, might satisfy you at the moment, but later it will only kill you to leave. Someone in the end leaves and all in the end get hurt, even those who did nothing wrong. Pain and regret hold hand in hand in this "game" people play when they deceit one another. Though it seems like you "lost control" or you "need" this other person, you're only selfish and pathetic. People tend to blame and to point fingers, but doesn't really matter, for like this poem they just end up the losers, all in the end.

Deceit, lies and lost loves all come from deception. Loving one means to love only one. You cannot win with two and you should never try. Love is a strong word and only had room for one. There is enough room for love, when it comes to friendship, but not the other. In this poem Byron talks about his affair and his lost. You see that he teaches us, no matter how good it feels at first, if you doing wrong, the pain will be even greater.