This is an analysis of the characters in the old man and the sea

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*Santiago (The Old Man): Santiago is the protagonist of this story. He is a Cuban fisherman who is down on his luck after going eighty four days without catching a single fish and has become the pity of his small village near Havana. The story follows Santiago's quest for the great catch that will save his career. He goes through a long and grueling struggle with a marlin only to see his new catch destroyed by sharks. Even though only his marlin's carcass is left by the end of the story, Santiago may be considered victorious because he never quit, valiantly fighting off the sharks until there was nothing left to fight for.

*Manolin (The Boy): This is Santiago's loyal young sidekick, Santiago taught Manolin to fish and Santiago was his mentor. Manolin still helps Santiago pull in his boat at night and helps take care of the old man, even though his parents have ordered him to sail with a luckier fisherman.

Whenever Santiago is not sailing, the boy faithfully remains nearby to listen to the old man's stories. Manolin demonstrates his love for Santiago openly, He makes sure that the old man has food, blankets, and can rest without being bothered. At the end of the story, Manolin seems to be the only character who realizes how much Santiago has just been through, since he breaks down and cries several times.

*The Marlin: Although he does not speak and we can not read his mind, the marlin is certainly an important character in the story. This fish was18 feet long and 1500 pounds and Santiago spent most of the story tracking, killing, and attempting to bring him home. After Santiago harpoons the marlin and attaches it to the outside of his boat, a number of sharks mutilate...