Analysis of Christy Brown's struggles in the movie "My Left Foot" and an example of a relative who faces similar problems.

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The film "My Left Foot" creates a complete picture of Christy Brown's life by providing various examples of Brown's struggles and successes ever since he was a little boy. The film shows his struggle to prove his intelligence through the difficulty he had in drawing the letter "A" using his left foot. Also, the film conveys the emotional struggles Christy had through various situations. He had a habit of drinking excessive amount of alcohol to forget about his personal issues. Oddly enough, Christy was getting drunk while waiting to be rewarded. This shows Christy's low self-esteem and lack of confidence. On the other hand, Christy was successful in proving that although his body was crippled, his mind was not. Also, he was successful in demonstrating to the world his insightful thinking through his writing and paintings.

After years of being involved in all kinds of sports, my uncle's involvement in so many sports seems to have ended after losing both of his legs at a car accident.

This, of course, meant that he had to use a wheelchair to move himself around. At first, he thought that his whole life would change now that he had become on wheel chair.

After a year or so, he started to adopt to his new life and looked into the possibility of practicing some of the sports that he used to play before the accident. In few years, he became confident in himself and his abilities and started to get involve in basketball and volleyball tournaments. Despite the fact my uncle can no longer practice the same types of sports he did before the accident, he is able to practice some of things he had always had passion for.