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1) We surround ourselves with valued material possessions as a matter of our lives taking course. A sense of linkage to the concrete and observable world external to ourselves permits us to obtain a sense of stability and continuity in an otherwise less stable existence

(Advances in ConsumerResearch Volume 16, 1989 Pages 359-366) (Susan E. Schultz, Arizona State University,Robert E. Kleine, III, Arizona State University,Jerome B. Kernan, George Mason University)

It is true that we connect and link our lives through our possessions. We buy what we like to reflect our personal needs and wants. People often are measured and measure themselves through what they own, the kind of car they drive, they neighborhood they live in etc. it is not uncommon to set certain material goals through the course of life. An example that comes to mind is that of BMW. We studied in class how a customer may stay loyal to BMW throughout their life.

A young professional will opt for a less expensive 3 series whereas a forty year old professional will move up to a 5 series and so on. Therefore, we chart out self-worth through the products we accumulate to reflect the person we are inside and ultimately what we strive to be conceived as.

2)Though niche marketing had already dawned in the '70s, in the '80s and '90s, it not only changed the landscape of American business, but it also changed the way consumers viewed themselves.

(Consumer report: if you think you know your target market, think again - includes related article on Foghorn Press Inc

Entrepreneur, May, 1997 by Gayle Sato Stodder)

Niche marketing has changed the way consumers view themselves because it is human nature to want to belong to society. The average consumer today is most definetly aware of marketing tactics...