Analysis of the controversial scene of Neil's death in the movie "The Dead Poets Society"

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Neil's (played by Robert Shaun Leonard) demise was in absolutely no possible way a random occurrence in the movie "Dead Poets Society" or in short DPA. Neil's death can in fact be compared to a conclusion in a science experiment that was already clearly stated in the hypothesis. A very high quantity of events and symbolism was used in the early structural stages of the movie to give the viewer an obvious impression that he would live to see out the completion of the movie.

The scene of Neil's death instigates as soon as the school play that Neil was taking part had concluded and Neil was ushered out of the building by his father (Kurtwood Smith) and into their car. Neil, in his father's point of view is displaying his arrogance by disobeying his father by taking part I the school play when he was "instructed" not to.

But in Neil's point of view he is fulfilling his own ambitions of becoming an actor and what he truly enjoys. When they arrived home, father and son had a discussion about Neil's future in other words the father dictated Neil's on what he is going to do with his future, the reason being that they were not a wealthy family. Neil's father wanted him to attend a very prestigious university known as Harvard, but Neil had other ideas. He wanted to further explore the world of acting and chose a career path of an actor. Mr. Perry would not yield to Neil's protests that that choice was his to make, but eventually fell silent in defeat. In this section, the camera alternatively changes from Neil to his father as they argue, and most of the time, close up shots are used.

There is a very high probability that...