Analysis of Corona's marketing campaign and how it varies from one media to another. Writen for University of Phoenix MKT 421.

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Week Four Individual Assignment: Promotional Mix

Company: Corona

Product: Corona Extra

Methods analyzed: Print, Television, Internet

· Print ad:

o Magazine ad showing two bottles of Corona sitting on a tropical beach. One bottle is full, and has the tag line, "high tide," while the other is empty and has the tag line, "low tide."

o Promotional message in the print ad is that Corona can help you feel relaxed and not worry about the things that plague our everyday lives. The message is conveyed through the simplicity of the ad: there are no people on the beach, no distractions, just the ocean, white sand, and a plain, weathered wooden table on which the two bottles sit.

· Television ad #1:

o Ad begins with a shot of a cruise ship out at sea; you hear its horn a few times, and an announcement on board to alert passengers to activities on board, such as a limbo tournament that starts in 5 minutes on the captain's deck.

Then, the camera shot slowly angles away from the ship, and the announcement gets fainter, but the horn becomes slightly louder. The camera continues to turn, eventually towards the beach, where we find that the source of the horn was actually not the ship, but rather, a young couple lazily making horn noises by blowing on the mouth of their Corona bottles. The beach is otherwise completely empty, and waves are slowly lapping at the white sand. It is virtually the same shot as the print ad, except for the couple. The ad ends with the tag line, "Miles away from ordinary."

o This ad is obviously in the same feeling as the print ad, and goes for the same feeling: relaxation, not caring about "activities" or responsibilities, rather, just being.

· Television ad #2:

o Ad begins with a tight shot of a column of a newspaper that says, "Business At a Glance." As the shot widens, we see the title of the paper, "Financial Times." As the shot continues to widen, we start to hear the sounds of the ocean, and, eventually, we see that the Financial Times was used to make a kite, which, we eventually see, is being flown by that same faceless couple on the beach sitting in lounge chairs. In between them are two half empty bottles of Corona. The man holding the string of the kite gives it to the woman. After doing so, the man picks up his Corona, and, we assume, sips it, although we still cannot see his face. The spot ends with the tag line, "Miles away from ordinary."

o Once again, this television ad stays with the beach scene, as well as the overall message of the ad, which is that when you drink Corona, you don't have to worry about mundane things like financial news. You can just and relax.

· Internet:

o Corona's website is laid out like one of its ads: the setting is a beach in a tropical location. To navigate the site, you are asked to click on various objects on a beach. For example, to view the commercial with the "Financial Times" kite, you would click on the kite. To hear a radio commercial, you would click on a seashell. There are sound effects of ocean waves and other tropical sounds.

Overall, Corona's marketing campaign flows very well from one medium to the next; the theme and message are always the same: get out of the ordinary, harried everyday life, to a tropical beach that's relaxed and inviting.