Analysis of documentary: Behind Lab Doors. Discovers how doc reflects cultural and social beliefs of today and the techniques used to position the Audience.

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Cutting Edge: Behind lab doors is a documentary that explores the cultural and social implications of animal testing. Though the aim is to convince the audience that Animals have rights, there is an equal focus on all points of view including those against, those for, and those caught in the middle. Throughout the documentary there are various techniques used to convince the audience that animal testing is not right, and they are used very effectively. It is a very comprehensive film, suitable for study, as it shows both the past, present and hopeful future of animal testing.

The documentary begins with a word from the Cutting Edge presenter. Obviously against animal testing, he goes on to warn the audience that there may be animal cruelty in the film and also tries to diminish the credibility of the scientist which the film is focused on. This sets the audience up to be critical towards animal testing, and more open to the animal activists and what they have to say.

Also, the animal activist is the first to be interviewed. This means that the audience hears their side of the story first; so when they listen to those for animal testing they have already been persuaded. To further discredit the companies that test on animals, their representative's answers regarding the safety of animal testing are always accompanied by barbaric scenes where animals are being cruelly tested upon without the use of anaesthesia. This contradiction between audio and visual builds a mistrust in the audience, making them more likely to accept the anti-testing point of view. This is very effective and has a great effect on the audience. Already in the first scenes, they have been positioned to turn away from any further information given by those for animal testing.

At the end...