Analysis/Evaluation of “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”

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Analysis/Evaluation of the Novel Overview


A man from new York decides to vacation in Savannah, Georgia. In the short period of time he spends in Savannah, he becomes enthralled by his surroundings and ends up spedning the next eight years of his life learning about the secrets of Savannah, Georgia. We learn about the people that make up the intricate workings of Savannah. We learn about the attitude of the town as a whole and the attitudes of each person in the town individually. We are introduced to everyone living and dead that lives or lived in Savannah.

We see the town put to the test when one of their elite is charged with murder. The trial begins a long two-year process of separating the town. True feelings emerge in some people and truths surface. The man convicted of murder stands his ground and fights a battle not only against the legal system, but also against a town that holds him responsible.

When the man convicted of murder stands witness at his fourth trial for the case and is found not-guilty, the town seems to almost forget about the last two years and resumes it'' old way of life. The man continues with his life, never looking back at the circumstances that caused him to live the last two years in jail.

It would seem that no matter what the town of Savannah, Georgia goes through, nothing would change the mentality of the town or the way the town lives their lives. They remain a stubborn and isolated group, not willing to allow outside influences to reach their inner workings.

Textural Analysis

When you have an isolated town such as Savannah, Georgia, anything that transpires in the town causes an upheaval. But the murder trial that...