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Analysis of Evidence Assignment

Dear Members of the Dallas Regional Hospital Board,

As you all know, we have been faced with an ethical dilemma regarding patients Zandro White, and Magdelena Erwin, who are both awaiting a liver transplant. I have reviewed the background of each patient in detail and have made the following decision. We will change our current policy effective immediately. The first person on the waiting list will no longer be the automatic recipient of the organ available for transplant. Going forward, as Senior Director of the Dallas Regional Hospital Board, I will present a call of action to the group; that call of action will be up for review by the rest of the board members. Upon agreement of majority, we will go forward with the call of action, or discuss an alternative, giving basis for our decision. As previously mentioned, I have reviewed the background of each patient and have assessed the possible quality of life each patient would experience, as well as the probability of survival of this liver if transplanted into each candidate.

I have decided to request that we donate this liver to patient number two on our transplant list, Magdelena Erwin. I have requested that this action be taken based on the following reasons: Likelihood of survival of the patient, better chance of quality of life, survival of liver after transplant. We will be have an emergency meeting today at 5:00 P.M. to agree upon this decision and further discuss the policy change.

Biologically, Magdelena Erwin has a higher likelihood of long term survival. This is not only based on her age, but her overall health in comparison to Zandro White. She is a strong and healthy 12 year old, and has not had any serious health complications until she damaged her...