Analysis of the Fictional Work "Old Testament"

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The Bible is the most influential book ever written. The Bible consists of two main divisions, the New and the Old Testaments. If the main idea of The Bible were to be described in two words, those would be loyalty and forgiveness. Throughout the Old Testament are people larger than life whose moral characters are straight and upright. These men helped shape our values, morals, religion, and decisions.

In the book of Genesis is the story of Creation, Noah's Ark, and Joseph's multicolored tunic. This book gives proof to the first value of loyalty. The reason Adam and Eve were thrown out of the Garden of Eden because of the lack of loyalty they have shown to God. God saves Noah because he shows loyalty to Him when the rest of the men were greedy and evil. God saves Joseph from the lions also because of the loyalty Joseph placed in Him.

Not only is it important to show loyalty to God, but in friends and family. The best example of loyalty in the segments read is the book of Job. Through the disease and the host of problems, Job kept his head and his loyalty stayed true. In the end, his family's possessions doubled. Job illustrates that loyalty is always rewarded. The book of Joshua also shows that loyalty is rewarded. The fall of Jericho is attributed to God and his power. The Hebrew people all paid respects to Him.

Jonah and the whale tell of another important lesson. Disobedience leads to trouble and acknowledgement is the first step on the road to healing. Jonah disobeys God and tries to run away on a boat. God sends a storm to punish him. The storm rages for many nights. The crew is flustered and knows not what to do.