The Analysis Of the Great Gatsby

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F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote The Great Gatsby to represent the events that happened in America after the First World War. Some of the main characters in his novel are based on people he knew and he used the book to portray American society in 1925. Nick Carraway, who is the protagonist of the novel is also the narrator. The main characters he interacts with are Jay Gatsby and Tom Buchanan, the antagonist of the novel. In this essay I will compare Tom and Gatsby, and focus on explaining their traits and attitudes.

Firstly, I am going to discuss the way in which both characters treat Daisy. Tom manages to persuade Daisy to marry him with his wealth, strength, popularity and, of course, his high social standing. His family are well known aristocrats who have been rich for generations. On the other hand, Jay Gatsby, is from poor origins and did not, originally, have a famous name; he has only recently acquired his wealth by unknown means.

Tom does not treat Daisy well, since he knows what kind of power he has. He cheats on her behind her back and does it in an arrogant, public manner. In contrast, Gatsby, who has no experience of leading an aristocratic life, treats Daisy as a goddess whom he worships and loves dearly. He gets sickened by Tom's disrespect for her, and is frustrated by the situation because it is his deepest wish to be with her. He listens to every word she says and stays loyal to her to the end, while Tom is a brute and mistreats her. This needs more development. You haven't mentioned, for example, anything about Tom's affair with Myrtle. And where is your evidence?

Next, I will consider their physical appearance.