Analysis of a Health care delivery system

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Analysis of a Health Care Delivery System

Mary Redden

HCS 402

Robin Susser

February 16, 2004


Managing healthcare resources is a continual topic in our country. Obstetrics and Gynecology is an avenue being explored to improve delivery and manage costs. We will explore the delivery model and transition of patients.


The Birthing Center has been a great introduction into the healthcare field. Creating the birthing center opened many doors for families who wanted a monitored environment with a home like atmospheres. This form of care was created to offer a savings in cost and provide a viable alternative to hospital care. Some communities are too small to support a hospital obstetrical unit. Because they are small and generally non-bureaucratic, they may overcome social and emotional barriers that contribute to the poor use of facilities by some groups of women. In this essay I will give an analysis of what is the role of caregivers and of the different types of birthing centers that provide prenatal care to women.

What is the Birth Center Experience?

Few innovations in health service promise lower cost, greater availability, and a high degree of satisfaction with a comparable degree of safety. The results of this study suggest that modern birth centers can identify women who are at low risk for obstetrical complications and can care for them that in a way that provides these benefits. (Rooks, 1989, p.1804)

The patient's relationship with the birth center's CNMs begins from the first visit. The CNM will provide continuity of care. By the time the patient's labor comes around the birth center should feel like home. The guarantee to have a provider who is familiar with the patient, pregnancy, family, and baby which is a tremendous benefit to the families who come to the birth center.