"Analysis to The Human Cry", a poetry analysis.

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Being one of most famous Canadian poets, Irving Layton wrote the poem "The Human Cry" in order to honor the past. In addition, he literarily stated the human nature that people express themselves freely when then are young, tend to hide or romanticize their true feelings as growing up, but eventually let their emotions run freely after going through life. This poem is mostly featured at its catching form and the deliberated plot underlying.

This poem is mostly featured due to its staggered structure, which gives the poem artistic style and emphasizes the some important terms. Dislike usual poems that have rhyming and iambic feet, this poem is a free verse. However, this poem looks like a concrete poem because of its physical structure. The whole poem is full of unusual line divisions and indents, which make the poem appeal highly artistic and elegant to readers. Another important application of those indents is for stressing those terms that are very important, for an isolated phrase or word are much more 'visible' than the same words hidden in a sentence, and therefore the meanings of those terms can be intensified to readers significantly.

For instance, "my grief" is especially emphasized by following the first indent, and therefore this term much more effective in appealing sadness to readers. These deliberate designed line divisions and indents make the poem impressive both visually and psychologically.

Although this poem is just two stanzas long, it has significant overall and stanza plots. For the poem entity, this poem follows time order and is telling a short story about the author himself. However, if comparing two stanzas together, it is not only easy to see that the format of each stanza is same, but also the contrast plot underlying. For one sentence in one position in...