An Analysis of How an Individual Reconciles Personal, Organizational, Cultural Values and Ethics in a Global Setting

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Part I Root Attitudes and Beliefs

1. Global settings create specific requirements for personal, organizational, cultural values. In general, there are no limits to the attitudes people hold. Attitudes are learned throughout life and are embodied within our socialization process. In the global setting, some attitudes may be central to us - a core construct - which may be highly resistant to any change (perhaps a religious belief); whereas other, more peripheral attitudes, may change with new information or personal experiences. A person should be a proactive, which means to be response to change creating new knowledge and finding methods of problem-solving. Reactive person cannot be creative which limits its opportunities and prevents from personal growth (Oden, 1997). In the workplace, there should be full and genuine participation of staff concerned as early as possible, preferably well before the actual introduction of new equipment or systems. A person should concentrate on the roots of the problem in order to remove doubt and indecision.

It involves having an objective to achieve and the tests of whether that objective is being achieved or not form the control criteria. Decisions involve the future and involve choice therefore they can be wrong (Cowen, 2002).

2. Achieving personal significance is another factor which ensures personal development and growth. Every person is unique personality (Hill, Levenhagen, 1995). For instance, from early years many entrepreneurs and creative people, artists and musicians reveal creative skills in different aspects of life. On the other hand, researchers underline that these skills can be trained and developed in many people in spite of their sets of genes and nature. If a person understands his uniqueness, it creates new opportunities for companies. In global settings, it is crucial to find the essence and meaning of life. Most people not only believe that...