An analysis into Euro Disney's Land International Management Practices.

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IntroductionMany Companies in the United States intend to develop their business abroad. The Walt Disney Company is the one of that kind of enterprise to explore their business over the world. In their fist foreign venture proved to be very successful and then they make the decision to further expand. Euro Disney is the next venture for Walt Disney, but it did not prove to be very successful venture. Is this the problem of the poor International management? In order to understand the issued involved in the Walt Disney Company's International expansion in Europe. We will analysis the background of Walt Disney Company.

They first open their business abroad in Japan; their first theme park outside the Unit States was becoming an instant hit. The Walt Disney Company executive think Tokyo Disneyland is located in a cold weather climate and very successful, so it will be able to successful in the similar weather conditions in Paris.

Also, The Company executive think there is the best location to operate as there have more than 350 million Western Europeans. And 17 million Western European can reach this place within 120 minutes by car. What is more, as the scheduled opening of Euro Star, which links Britain and France by train, there enhance countless potential customers to them. Because of the transportation and location availability and Paris offers Euro Disneyland a wealth of potential customer and employees. On 12 April 92, The Walt Disney Company's fourth theme park, Euro Disney was opened their doors into public. It can be as successful as the other Disney theme parks in California, Florida and Japan? Most of people think it is incorrect.

On 12 April 92, Europe Disney opened its doors for public, the opening guest less than 500,000 people, who make the upper management...