This is an analysis of John Proctor from Aurthur Miller's "The Crucible" It shows how important morals are in John Proctors life and in Puritain Society

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To some people respect and honor are important enough to die for. In The Crucible by Arthur Miller, John Proctor would rather die that disgrace his name and lose his reverence. Proctor maintains the respect from his wife by getting out of an affair. Proctor has the admiration of the townsfolk for not confessing to a lie. Most importantly, John Proctor banks the high opinion from his children by dying for telling the truth. John obviously believes that a life of deception is not worth living.

As John Proctor gets out of his affair with Abigail Williams, John is making a tough decision. John's wife Elizabeth respects his decision because she knows that he could have left her and went away with Abigail. John admits that he "Lusts" for Abigail and tells the court the truth about the affair with her. The respect and trust that John has with his wife is very important because it's what keeps them together even when they are both accused of dealing with the devil.

John Proctor's sacrifice of dying instead of giving a false testament is seen as the most unselfish decision made in the play. If John had chosen a life of lies over death, he would have set a bad example to all the convicted people. If the accused all lie to save their lives like Procter did, they would feel cowardly and they wouldn't respect john because his cowardly act inspired them to live a tormenting life, opposed to dying a honorable death. John's final sacrifice is praiseworthy since he sacrifices for the greater good. In doing so John receives the respect of the accused townsfolk.

Near the end, John Proctor, comes to the conclusion that his life is not worth giving up for his principals that he...