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"The Lady with the Dog" is a love story about young lady from the town of S., and almost forty-year-old man from Moscow. They met in Yalta, both where on vacation without their families. Unexpectedly, romance is in the air, followed by an affaire. After their escape from reality, time came to wake up and smell the coffee. They went back to their husbands, wives and kids, still thinking of each other. The saddest thing is that; it is imposable for them to be together.

The young lady, Anna Sergeyevna, grew up in Petersburg. Judging by Anna's way of living, she is from province high class from late 1800's. She got married when she was twenty and staid married for two years to Mr. Von Diederitz. Anna thought of her husband as an honest, worthy man, but she was not in love with him and called him a flunkey.

She was unhappy and lonely, but still looking for love. When she was on vacation, she had a romance with an older man. Anna thought of it just as an affaire, which had to be forgotten. Until, he showed up again.

Dmitri Dmitrich Gurov was a rich man from big city in Russia. He was married to tall, black-browed woman, erect, dignified, imposing, and, a thinker. They had twelve-year-old daughter and two schoolboy sons. Gurov was unfaithful to his wife. He had many women, but never loved any of them. Dmitri Dmitrich was a good looking, smooth talker with charming personality. However, he referred to women as the lower race. Even though, women were falling for him, opened up to him and all he did is used them for his pleasure. Eventually, Gurrov, fell in love himself, it changed him a lot. He had a dream to be...