An Analysis of Linguistic Characteristics in English Advertisements

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An Analysis of Linguistic Characteristics in English Advertisements


I. Literature Review

With the continuous development of economic globalization, the trend of internationalization of advertising is more and more obvious, Advertisement has become an essential part of modern life and is used as a powerful weapon in business nowadays. It is easy for us to understand the advertisements in Chinese, but we maybe misunderstand the advertisements in English because of knowing little about its linguistic characteristics. So there are some research values for English advertisements. David Ogilvy (Master of advertising) once said: "Advertising is the life of the words." If we can real understand the linguistics characteristics in English advertisements, we will know more about the situation of foreign products and introduction our products into international market.

ANA(Association of National Advertising) thought that a perfect advertisement should achieve some goals--awareness, comprehension, conviction, action(ACCA).

To achieve those four goals, it is important to apply linguistics characteristics. Many researchers have analyzed about this field and made some conclusions about that. Liu Xiuhua and Wang Haiyan(2009.1) thought English advertisement is a special type of English and its lexical and grammatical characteristics form its linguistics characteristics. They analyzed this topic by lexical and grammatical characteristics form plenty of English advertisements, and can know more about the culture and values of English countries. Zhang Qiong's(2002.1) paper analyzed the characteristics of English advertisement from the aspects of morphology, syntax and rhetorical devices based on many real examples of English advertisement. Through researching and making conclusions, he proved that English for advertising differs from English for general purpose(EGP), which finds expression in the use of words, the structure of sentences and the device of rhetoric. In Tang Yajuan and Chen Ru's(2008.2) view, only can we understand the linguistics characteristics...