Analysis of Networking and Telecommunications.

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Guide to CPS.

Child Protective Services (CPS) is a part of Division of Children, Youth and Families (DCYF) within the Arizona State Department of Economic Security and works on behalf of children and families of Arizona. The role of CPS is to ensure the safety of children while maintaining the integrity of the family. When allegations of child abuse or neglect, exploitation or abandonment indicate the need, Arizona law requires that CPS conduct an investigation. One of the most important functions of CPS is to help families receive the services necessary to enable them to remain together and to build better family relationships (

My position at CPS requires me to investigate allegations of abuse or neglect during the night and weekend hours (Thurs to Sun, 3-1) in Maricopa County. My unit normally investigates Priority 1 and Priority 2 reports. These priorities require that we respond within 2 hours for a priority 2 and within 24 hours for a priority 2.

We also respond to requests for assistance from the police and sheriff's departments in Maricopa County. These requests for assistance normally involve taking custody of children whose parents are unavailable due to their arrest or simply their abandonment of their children.


The state of Arizona uses both LANs and WANs. Qwest Telecommunications supports the internet backbone. E-mail is accessed with Microsoft Outlook. Ethernet is by far the most commonly used LAN technology in DES. CPS is currently undergoing an Ethernet conversion from the Token Ring technology. CPS also uses a FDDI as a backbone LAN interconnecting Ethernet and Token Ring LANs.

Illustration of Token Ring Technology.

Typically, a suite of application programs can be kept on the LAN server. Users who need an application frequently can download it once and then run it from their local hard...