Analysis of the novel "A Walk To Remember"

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The novel A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks clearly conveys his thoughts on love. Sparks believes that love has a great power in that it is able to make a young girl named Jamie Sullivan happy even though she was suffering with Leukemia and knew she was going to die soon. I believe that this novel demonstrates that love prevails over all.

Love makes Jamie realize that it is important to live for the time she has by allowing herself to take risks such as falling in love and letting her list of dreams become reality. She was quickly taught thought Landon Carter's love not to dwell on the time she doesn't have, letting herself fade away to non existence, but to make her short life meaningful and full of the risks she only thought possible in her dreams. As death approaches Jamie, her love for Landon, whom is the trouble-maker boy she never thought she would even associate with, and the love he gives in return makes her life seem longer where thoughts of Leukemia do not exist.

The love they share proceeds to not only make Jamie happy, but also turns Landon into a better person who sees people for who they are and not what they look like.

In A Walk to Remember the author is successful in conveying his thoughts on love through the main character of Jamie Sullivan. Jamie's life, short but meaningful, demonstrates how important it is to take risks such as letting yourself love someone without regret. I agree with Sparks views on love in that love prevails over all.