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Analysis After receiving the questionnaires back, I have analysed the results and the answers from the questions, and I will now summarise my findings in the following paragraphs, giving my opinion along the way.

What first attracts you about a product? Out of the eleven questionnaires, six, more than half, mentioned packaging as their main priority. These six have mentioned how a bright, attractive package would be the first thing that would attract them about the product. The other five people said how the price, the reputation, the aesthetics or simply the need for that certain product.

An analysis of these answers shows us that packaging should be one of, if not the main priority when making the product appealing.

Does the function of the package (re-useable, recyclable) play any role on whether or not you decide to purchase the product? Out of the eleven questionnaires I handed out, 8 responses were simply no.

One person mentioned how they would look to buy re-useable packages as they can be used food and storage containers. The other two expressed concern for the environment and would therefore prefer to buy recyclable packages.

An analysis of these answers that a clever, multi-functional package should not be the main priority when designing packages.

What product do you recall from your childhood and why? Out of the eleven questionnaires, not one mentioned that they recalled their favourite childhood product due to its product. This tells us that the package does not affect the long-term market life of the product.

Which of the following products would you choose first and why? Out of the eleven questionnaires not one person chose box b, for unknown reasons. Two people chose box A, Tesco's own brand, they gave the reasons that it's the same product with the...