Analysis of a Personal Significant Life Stress.

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Analysis of a Personal Significant Life Stress

I attended Oregon State University my freshman year of college. During the second week, I was sexually assaulted by three African-American men and stalked at my residence hall following the assault. I knew one man out of the three who I had talked to the day before the event, but the other two were supposedly his brother and cousin. The police believe that the act was done for a gang initiation because the police department was already familiar with the main character for past assaults and drug trafficking. I did not press charges, yet I did report the event and provided names for the police to put in their file for those years sexual assaults at OSU. Around 2 month later, the leader of the group called. I answered not thinking to check the caller ID because they hadn't bothered me for quite sometime, I was in complete shock.

I gathered my thoughts and told this man everything I knew and how he better stay away from me or he will be going to jail. I have never heard from him since this phone call.

The geography of the stressful even that had taken place best relates to a burden that I was feeling in regards to my personal beliefs and values. I was planning on not being sexually active until I was married. These men have taken this away from me and it is something that I can never get back. I was known as the gullible girl who always looked for the best in a person and tried her hardest to please others; despite my own feelings.

I believe my stresses nature would be best described as a cumulative stress. When I finally accepted the event's occurrence, a secondary appraisal of...