Analysis of Prometheus and Pandora

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Humans, the master piece of gods, will always survive

The story of Prometheus and Pandora tells how the earth was created, how evil came to life and how gods fixed that situation with men always surviving. Many approaches can be applied in order to explain this myths and in order to support that humans will always survive because they are god's creation. Some of the approaches used in analysing this story are, formalistic, philosophical, historical and archetypal approach; the last one is the predominant one.

First of all, the archetypal approach is present along the whole tale because all its symbolisms resemble in a way or another to the Bible. Actually, there is a correlation between both, not only in symbolism but also in plot and characters. If this story is thought from this view, the first item to analyse is the resemblance to the Bible's conception of earth's creation.

In this narration, the world is created with the same steps that appear in the Bible. For example, the earth was separated from sea, and heaven from both. The skies were formed, the water covered most part of the planet, day and night were separated too and animals began to appear; the last thing to be created was man.

The story of Pandora is not very clear since there are two conceptions about her in this tale. The first one mentioned is the one that has more meaning to be considered. Given that Prometheus had stolen fire to give to man and man accepted it, Pandora was sent as a punishment. She opened that box because of her curiosity and that was the start of evil. Here the archetypal approach is once again present. She is the Eve of the biblical story. Eve, because of her curiosity, ate the forbidden...