Analysis of "Quentin Section" of "Sound and Fury" by "Willaim Faulkner"

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Quentin section : analysis

Quentin section is the thought of a person who's living in that last moment of his life before committing suicide, where he is already dead and detached form the world, at a place where there is no time and the fragments of his past life mixing with his last day's events, are floating in from here and there. The language shows that he is losing control of himself. All the bits and pieces of the past life float through his consciousness or rather he floats through them. He is in thrall to memory, helpless before the on rush of events which are tearing him apart. As he loses control of himself, key images of his pour in: gasoline, watch, time, Caddy, Benjy, other family members in various states of disintegration.

Quentin is the oldest of Compsons children and there are three main factors which are responsible for the the course that Quentin's life take, the alcoholism of Mr.

Compsons, his obsession with shadow and his obsession with Caddy. The Compson's family is organized around the alcoholism of Mr. Compson who refuses to acknowledge his children's emotions and suppresses the family's emotional bleeding with his ever constant hushing. 8 Murray Bowen, a leading theorist of family systems, concurs: chronic alcoholism is a systemic rather than individual symptom, for

The dilemma of Compsoms family is that no one tries to eliminate this alcoholism for perhaps it glues the family in a bondage of misery, eliminating this might jeopardize the family unity . . Psychotherapist and researcher Stephanie Brown remarks that alcoholic families often attempt collectively to preserve an inherent contradiction ...

The Compsons here can b compared to the alcoholism of Tyrone family in Long day's journey into night where it's the morphine addiction of the mother that...