Analysis of Quotation of Hawthorns Scarlet Letter

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"The sportive sunlight--feebly sportive, at best, in the predominate pensivemess of the day and scene--withdrew itself as they cam nigh, and left the spots where it had danced the drearier, because they has hoped to find them bright," (pg125-126).

After noticing the sunlight running away from Hester, Pearl comments that it is running away from the scarlet letter; it will not run away from Pearl and she will catch it. "The sunshine does not love you. It runs away and hides itself, because it is afraid of something on your bosom. Now see! There it is, playing, a good way off. Stand you here, and let me run and catch it. I am but a child. It will not flee form me; for I wear nothing on my bosom yet," (pg126). The sunlight represents truth and happiness. The sunlight is running away from Hester because she holds secrets inside of her.

She holds the truth to who Pearls father is and also what Chillingworth's real identity is. When she tells the truth she can finally be happy and the sun will shine on her. The sun does not run away from Pearl because Pearl is truth. Pearl knows all but does not know she knows it. She knows that Chillingworth is the villain in the plot when she calls him the black man. She knows Dimmesdale is the father when she acts kinder to him then any of the other clergymen. Yet she does not truly know of these things. Pearl is ignorant in a sense, but ignorance is bliss.

Sunshine will come when Hester is happy. When Hester finally takes off the scarlet letter and tosses her cap aside, the sunshine comes in. "All at once, as with a sudden smile of heaven, forth burst the sunshine,