Analysis of the recent re-branding of Andersen Consulting as 'Accenture'

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The marketing problem that Andersen Consulting faced in the need to re-brand after the split is to select a company name to position themselves clearly in the customers' minds. The name should support their strategic objectives and positioning strategy.

In services, a company name is its brand, which is a promise to its customers. For Andersen Consulting to re-brand themselves as 'Accenture", SWOT analysis should be performed and marketing mix should be considered.

This is a good clear definition of the problem - well done. You could also add that in developing the new name and repositioning the business as a 'market maker' they would also want to transfer the brand equity from their previous brand name.


Andersen Consulting has been the market leader in consulting industry. When re-branding itself, this point should be emphasized in the marketing program. There should be a strong unified message that they reposition themselves to be an innovative company, an architect and a market-maker.

Why? You need to explain the logic behind your argument.

The company has a clear corporate vision and strategy. They should position themselves to achieve this objective.

Active management helps implement and control marketing plans. Management commitment is also vital in leading success in positioning strategy. This is an opinion or comment NOT an evaluation or assessment of the firm.

Staff is of high quality. This helps to deliver the message to customers of high service standard, hence, the image of the company. Good point - indeed in services like consulting the staff ARE the product or service aren't they?


Strong culture in the company affects staff to accept change. Staff should be well communicated of the change and reason should be given. I'm not sure what you mean by this point. What is the weakness and how...