Analysis- Recently and currently, marketing communications campaigns of Maxis (Malaysia Company)

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1.0 introduction

Maxis is the one of biggest telecom company in Malaysia. It is best known for capturing the hearts and imaginations of millions of people across the globe with its acclaimed games, The Sims® and SimCity®! (Source:

Recently and currently, Maxis has many marketing communications campaigns for promote their products. The purpose of this paper is to assess to critically examine the Maxis' those campaigns which through advertising in terms of the following criteria bellowed:

1. Marketing Communications Campaign - Promotion

2. Marketing Communications Campaign - Print Media

3. Marketing Communications Campaign - Radio & Television

4. Other Marketing Communications Campaign - Internet-Email

And also in each section, it will describe whether these campaigns are good or not?

The conclusion will be shown at the end; it will give my opinion about whether and why these campaigns are effective or ineffective?

2.0 Marketing Communications Campaigns

Goal of campaigns: Market share is important and it is also a measurement on the sales impact of advertising.

Maxis has already got big market share in the market, but for company extension, Maxis' ad campaign goals were to increase awareness of their vehicles, which would increase sales, and finally increase market share, this being an ultimate goal.

Strategy of Campaigns

The communication strategy of Maxis will be to instill and communicate the Hotlink character to the target audience and; to associate the Hotlink character with people who understand and believe a good quality of life. That earns a share of consumers' minds and hearts and ultimately.

2.1 Sales Promotion

Follow up to ad campaigns is also essential to ensure brand success. When Maxis design marketing campaigns, the major issues to contemplate are price and the promotional process.

1. Promotion selling RM 10 Hotlink card with RM24 free airtime for RM 7.99 during...