Analysis of Roosevelt's Progressive Era

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The Progressive Era provided a solid effort to improve the life of Americans by emerging presidents and multiple reforms. Through the progressive politicians, trusts were busted and relief was given to small businesses. Working and societal conditions were forever reformed during the Progressive Era. During the Progressive Era Americans had a positive effect on their countries development with the help of leaders such as Roosevelt and Taft.

Roosevelt is immortalized on Mount Rushmore now and forever because of his progressive tactics in his term. Roosevelt's Anti-Trust policy of 1902 pledged government intervention to break up illegal monopolies and regulate corporations for the public good. Roosevelt felt that "bad" trusts threatened competition and markets. His ingenious "square dealings" and "gentlemen's agreements" controlled many firms. In 1903, he opened a new cabinet position was created to address the concerns of business and labor (Department of Commerce and Labor). Within the department, the Bureau of Corporations was empowered to investigate and report on illegal activities of corporations.

In 1903, the Elkins Act empowered the Interstate Commerce Commission to act against discriminating rebates as a response to the abuse of economic power by railroads proposed another problem for Roosevelt. In 1906, the Meat Inspection Act provided for federal and sanitary regulations and inspections in meant packing facilities. Also, the Pure Food and Drug Act prohibited the manufacture, sale, and transportation of adulterated labeled foods and drugs in accordance with consumer demands. These acts provided much needed relief and rights for the consumer from the poisonous industries and frauds of meatpacking, food, and drugs. In conclusion to all of these accomplishments during Roosevelt's term, Theodore Roosevelt's progressive tendencies brought new meaning to government regulation and provided a successful contribution to the Progressive Era.

In the 1910 elections, the progressive eras would make gains...