Analysis of A Rose for Emily

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Six months had passed after the body of Homer was found. And people were still shocked wondering why Ms Emily would do such a thing. But the towns' people thought that Emily was humiliated when she discovered that Barron has simply used her to keep the community from discovering his true homosexual nature. But that was not the case of the matter.

Emily had a lawyer by the name of John Smith. He was not mentioned earlier because she did not want the government to interfere with her everyday business. John Smith called Emily's cousins to come into town so that they could go over her inheritance. When the cousins reached town they went straight to the attorney's office all dressed up and excited thinking all of Emily's money will be given to them.

"Ms Emily has written this will stating that part of her money is given to charity," said Mr.

Smith and then the other half given to David. David?! "Who is David?" they asked.

Mr. Smith says, "Ms. Emily's son who is physically handicapped and lives in the north.

"What? But…… how come she never told us?" One of her cousin asked "Where is he now? Mr. Smith did not answer for a minute but then he said, "I have no idea -maybe an institution or some place". "Go look in the house again. Maybe you will find something that will help you".

So the next day, Emily's cousins went to her house and started looking for clues-papers, photos, anything to help them. The house looked terrible. No one had touched it ever since she died. The curtains were frayed and the chairs were dusty. The carpet had lost its color. It looked dull as if someone had urinated on it. They went upstairs...