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From July 1st 2007, the only place Victorians will be able to enjoy a smoke indoors will be in private homes, following the introduction of strict anti-smoking laws that ban people from lighting up in pubs, clubs and licensed venues.

This law is being introduced to help these venues become work safe, according to studies around 200 Australians working in pubs and clubs are expected to die from passive smoking related illnesses. It is also proposed that the ban will reduce the number of smokers and deter people from starting the habit all together.

The new ban however poises the threat of people abandoning pubs, jeopardizing the jobs of the pub and club's workers, who the ban is in place to protect in the first place. There have been suggestions from the public of a less restrictive law, which would enable people to smoke only in designated areas.

Some people are angered by the situation in crown casino high-rollers room, where patrons are aloud to smoke if their wallet is big enough, and saying that the government has double standards and will turn a blind eye if there is enough money involved.

Clearing smoke from the final frontier.

The Age editorial October 14, 2004

The writer of the editorial appearing in The Age is clearly in favor of the proposed ban of smoking in Victorian pubs, bars, and clubs. He speaks positively of the outcomes in his last paragraph; "if history is a guide they (smokers) will soon be reconciled to the change and may even come to embrace it." By writing in this tone the writer reflects a shift in attitudes towards the ban, the calm way in which the piece is written makes the editorial reasoned and informative for the reader.

Through the piece states...