Analysis of "The Social Construction of Gender" (Author Unknown).

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"The Social Construction of Gender" was a very insightful article into the vast space of gender issues in society. Not only was the article full and complete, it also shed some light on some issues that were extremely fascinating. There is a very insubstantial line called gender, and one that is very easily crossed, or even straddled, whether by physical transformation or social influences. Gender in society has become strictly psychological and social, rather than just simple DNA and X/Y chromosomes.

One of the more interesting points the article covers are the "non-sexes", essentially humans either being born as male or female, but choosing to revoke any real association with either gender. Hirjras, as they are called in Indian culture are fascinating. In our modern society, no one can see himself or herself to be genderless. Nevertheless, if someone chose to be genderless, they would be socially excluded from our culture, and overall, not accepted.

America is built on the foundation of strong, strapping values, whether they are gender disputes, political controversy, economic status, physical appearance, etc. If for some reason you fall "outside the box", you become a social outcast. America has fallen into a plague of conformity, and that is why I have respect for people that think outside the box, and aren't afraid to perform "socially unacceptable" actions. Hence, I do have admiration for the cross-dressers and drag queens, for not falling into the wave of conventionality

Science proves that chromosomes (either XX or XY) determine sex, and that is an understood fact. However, I do believe that more than 2 genders do exist. Scientifically it is seemingly impossible, however socially another ball game. One could argue this, but the idea of gender as a social aspect is much more appealing than just male and female...