Analysis of 'Sonny's Blues' by James Baldwin.

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Sonny's Blues by James Baldwin "Sonny's Blues", a story written by James Baldwin, takes place in Harlem, New York in the 1960's. The authors' purpose wants the reader to realize the experiences that the author experienced. The story is about the past and present lives of two brothers. It is told in first person point of view by Sonny's brother (a teacher), whose name was never mentioned. The teacher comes to terms with his African American roots, his brother, the students, and at the Jazz Club. The narrator also specifically tells many stories from the place they grew up, the death of their parents, and how they parted which explains a little of why they didn't communicate so well.

It begins with the event of Sonny getting caught in a raid of using heroin. He was placed in jail because of his drug addiction. The significance of this event triggers many emotions and old memories for both brothers.

The teacher was mortified to hear what has been going down with Sonny. The teachers inspection on the students that the reason why they did drugs was to get away from anger and racism. The students mocked each other because of rage. They also flip out because of frustration and society. He now understands Sonny because of the observation of the students.

A man came across the teacher one night who happened to be a previous friend of Sonny's. He wasn't too found of this man because of the type of person he was and what he was involved with (drugs and alcohol). Before they got to the subway station they stopped into this bar. The teacher was trying to cope with the guy so he can keep asking him questions about Sonny and get information about his life. As...