Analysis of the Stylistic Features in “Poetry” by Marianne Moore

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Analysis of the Stylistic Features in ?Poetry? by Marianne Moore ?Poetry?, is one of Marianne Moore?s most famous poems. In it Moore starts out, ?I too, dislike it.? referring to poetry. However, this does not mean that Moore believed in practicing her poetry half-seriously. She simply believed that in order to create great poetry one would enjoy reading the work spiritually and physically. Moore has had several incarnations of the poem ?Poetry?, including one as short as four lines and one as long as thirty-eight lines. The four-line version was so brief that it allowed for a misinterpretation. However, the longer version defines the poem with her famous phrase, ?imaginary garden with real toads in them.? Moore?s poem, ?Poetry?, is a concrete poem in which Moore?s describes how when poetry is to abstract, it becomes ?self-destructive?. This is because the reader has to analyze the poem so much they lose the experience of reading and enjoying it.

Her poetry is vivid and gives the reader a sense of experiencing the topic with imagery usage, especially when she describes the animals in ?Poetry?. Her contrast between having a poem being genuine and then another being raw makes the poem dramatic and appealing. The majority of her poem talks about what makes a good poem. This has to do with the poets? imaginary ability when writing a poem. Letting their imagination go but at the same time making it seem realistic. Moore?s state?s her idea in a loose style. The sentences are not choppy or right to the point rather they are long and descriptive. Moore?s stanzas are broken up in the middle of sentences and Moore?s third stanza is part of a sentence that doesn?t end till the following paragraph.

Moore?s poem, ?Poetry?, is very unique because in it she...