Analysis of a Successful Business Communication

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Analysis of a Successful Business communication literate communication can determine the success or failure of a business. A company can win or lose a client based solely on the quality of the communication shared. An organization can clearly define the role of its employees or can leave them wondering what to do. The corporation I work for has almost 400,000 team members. It is critical for communication to all levels to clearly state the objective of the communication.

The following example is a letter sent to team members eligible for benefits within the company. The letter reminds the reader of previous communications and gives instructions as to the next action required of the team member. The letter also lets the reader know of the consequences of not following the directions. The writer was direct in his strategy to inform the team member. The writer assumes team members eligible for benefits will read this letter.

The author's tone is professional and the style is easy to read and understand. The letter is clear in its purpose. The instructions given are precise. The letter informs the reader that other resources are available in case they have additional questions.

Effective business writing is clear, complete, and correct. It saves the reader time. The example letter is direct and to the point. It presents the information in a easy to read manner. The letter is short enough to hold the reader's attention while providing all of the necessary information. This letter is an example of effective communication.

January 2008Dear Team Member:Action Required: Enroll in your benefits by the date on the cover.

In January, you received the Decision Guide to held you make your benefit choices for 2008. The enclosed open enrollment instructions and personalized worksheet are the final pieces you...