Analysis of Team Charter

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To start effective group projects group members need to establish a learning team charter. The group members should get together to brainstorm or discuss how the team charter should be put together. Group members should put together how each member works in a work environment or setting. One way to discuss and prepare a team charter is having each group member complete a self assessment. The assessment can be prepared by the Jungian personality test. This test should provide and prepare each member to identify their skills, interest, and work experience. Once the assessments are completed this learning team charter will provide ways to complete projects using the team members' skills, interest, and experience to get work done within the group.

Learning team charters is a form that starts the process of a group project to be completed by each team or group. "Chartering is the procedure by which a team meets at the beginning of its process to describe its mission or task, set its goals, secure commitment by members to the achievement of those goals, make its plans, and allocate its resources (University of Phoenix, 2004).

Once the procedure has been completed, the team members will participate in the group project identified by their individual skill sets. This participation will help the group members become more involved with the process of the group project.

To begin group work, the team needs to identify each member's skills before work can be assigned. The Jungian personality test will give the specific skills on each member. Example, a member with an ENFP Jungian personality-type would be considered the inspirer or the champion. The member with the ENFP personality would be ideal for starting the project or just taking charge to get things rolling. Another example would be if a member had...