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Concentration of power in America: An Analysis of Thomas R. Dye's, Who's Running America? The Clinton Years "Training and education- is what the overseers of the city must cleave to, and they must take care that it is not corrupted insensibly. They must guard it beyond everything, and allow no innovations in gymnastic and music against the established order, but guard it with all possible care; and when someone says of songs, What is it people always want to hear? The latest tune that's warbled through the air! " Plato Thomas R Dye has written an extremely informative book entitled Who's Running America? The Clinton Years. The main point of this book is to present information demonstrating how the power in America is concentrated in large institutions. By studying the people at the top of these institutions, Dye makes clear who these people are and how they came to power.

Although this book was written nearly eight years ago, Dye's fundamental principles of the inevitable elite controlling the top leadership positions has not changed. To illustrate this claim, it is put forward in his daunting theses state: "Great power in America is concentrated in a handful of people. A few thousand individuals out of 250 million Americans decide about war and peace, wages and prices, consumption and investment, employment and production, law and justice, taxes and benefits, education and learning, health and welfare, advertising and communication, life and leisure. (Dye, 1) Most of which has been concluded in this theses is inarguable, especially in the following themes: The Concentration of economic power in America, the Concentration of government power, and the concentration of media power. Dye makes strong points for each of these subjects and concludes that concentration will not dilute.

Dye has gathered mass amounts of information with...