Analysis of Wales tourism.

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SWOT Analysis of Wales


·The scenery, natural environment, heritage and distinctive Welsh culture continue to have strong appeal in the UK and overseas. Wales can offer a stress free antidote to the pressures of modern life. It has three National Parks (Snowdonia, Pembrokeshire Coast and Brecon Beacons) and has areas of outstanding natural beauty.

·Wales is accessible to all UK markets.

·Wales can offer a wide range of activity including walking, fishing, golf and mountaineering.

·Cardiff is a city of International status and the National Sports Stadium is an envy of many countries.

· WTB continually provides financial assistance to promote tourism and to invest new improved facilities for tourists.

·Wales has a wide range of natural and purpose built visitor attractions.


·There is a lack of awareness of Wales in the overseas markets due to an absence of a strong national 'icon' or images.

·Limited resources available for promoting a distinctive image of Wales in domestic and overseas market.

·Unpredictable weather even during the peak summer season, competition from cheap overseas destinations offering guaranteed sun.

·Foot and Mouth outbreak has deferred many potential visitors to the countryside.


·Wales can develop a competitive advantage in activity holiday provision, lifestyles are becoming healthier and more people are seeking new ways of self-fulfilment.

·Wales is well placed to develop its sports tourism market after successful hosting of the Rugby World Cup.

·There are good signs that Wales will attract a higher share of the UK tourism market.

·The improvements in technology and faster Internet ADSL lines will increase bookings over the Internet.


·There has been an emergence of new overseas destination who offer cheap deals and therefore are more likely to attract visitors from lower socio-economic groups.

·Consumers are likely to become more demanding, less loyal and more...