Analysis of a website called Buginabox.

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It analyses the marketing mix of the compact car, define the brand, positioning and segmentation problems. You can also find a competitive analysis and a SWOT analysis of the firm in its micro and macro environment.


2.1 - Identity



Creation: 2003

2.2 - Mission statement

· Offer to every people in the world a wide variety of butterflies and bugs via Internet.

· Contribute to preserve rainforests.

2.3 - Strategies

· Develop a website easy to use

· Offer rare but not endangered species

· Offer an unexpected gift occasion

· Being in strong relations with customers


The website audit will be realised according a specific marking. I attributed 40% for the importance of the website construction. Each factor has a mark evaluated on 5 points. (8 factors so 40%).

3.1 - E-commerce platform

A number of popular off-the-shelf solutions have evolved over the past few years and allow sellers to plug-in software modules to handle the complexities of taxation, the varieties of shipping options, and many of the popular forms of payment.

Each option offers its own set of pros and cons.

BUGINABOX chose a solution like Yahoo's Stores, which provides storefronts that are ready to go. The webmaster just picks a design and pop in its products and is ready for business. Store is individually owned and operated by the merchant and according to Yahoo! Stores is the sole responsibility of the merchant.

E-Commerce platform mark = 3/5

3.2 - Design / graphic interface

The design is very simple but efficient. The customer can access to information and different categories through the frame located on the left of the page.

The principal advantage of the graphic interface is the fact that there is a fast recognition of the...