Analysis on William Ahakespeare's "As You Like It"

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William Shakespeare's play, "As You Like It" tackles many philosophical ideas. He introduced various conflicts about love, wealth and power, identity, femininity and the real world that were not completely resolved at the end of the play. He showed that each conflict would be dealt in a different way for each persona and the binary oppositions for each view. I guess that is why Shakespeare entitled it "As You Like It" because each character had a unique approach with his/her conflicts thus the character did things as they would like it to be and the audience would have different understandings on the play as they would like to understand it. Each story within the play introduced debates which had pros and cons that seemed to weigh as much. Everything was an irony, it was real and unreal, false and genuine at the same time. It's not like the typical kind of literature wherein you have the hero and the villain, in As You Like It the "heroes" also made mistakes and had flaws.

It is a play that literally reflects life.