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After reading the article titled "What parent never makes a mistake?" I realized that the author had a strong emotional touch on her entire story. She uses the pathos appeal, by describing her emotions and feelings about how she believes that Bobbie Jo Farabaugh isn't at fault of her infants' death. They are saying that the mother "Failed to properly care for the baby." The baby was placed in his bassinet on his side between the cushion and the bassinet wall. He suffocated when he turned over, having his face in the mattress. The author claims that the mother should not be held responsible for the death of her son because she couldn't help but think that the "mother of three was just trying to make her son comfortable."

Barbara Cloud uses the ethos appeal by stating her opinion over and over. She also backs up her opinion with legit reasons to why she feels the way that she does.

She believes that the mother is not at fault. This appeal somewhat falls in with the pathos appeal. Each persuasion blends together in this article.

The logos appeal in the article is very clear. Anything can happen to a child as soon as you take your eye off of them for just one second. In the article, it states "No mother wants a baby or toddler to fall into a swimming pool, put silver cleaner polish in his mouth or slip on wet tile. But it happens." Anything can happen to a child, but according to the attorney in this case, he is basically saying that anything that happens to a child you should be chard with endangerment and face prison time.

All of these types of appeals fall together. They all intervene with one another.