Analysis of X-MEN

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In the 1960's Martin Luther King was protesting for all cultures to live in a peaceful society. In 1963 marvel, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby made a comic called X - MEN with white and black superheroes. Professor Francis Charles Xavier, the leader of the superhero team wanted a peaceful society between man and mutant.

The main characters are professor Xavier, Magneto, Wolverine, Storm, Cyclopes, Rogue, Sabretooth, Misteeq, Night crawler, Phoenix, Psylocke and Thunderbird.

The genre of the film is sci-fi; you can tell it's a sci-fi right at the start when the distributors name came up. 20th century fox is shown in a blue/silvery colour other than it's normal colour gold.

The stages that a film goes through are production, distribution and marketing. In the production stages there are three different stages called pre - production, production and post - production. Pre - production is the planning stage which involves the developing the original idea, writing and editing scripts, preparing production budgets, hiring technicians, equipment and finding locations where to shoot the scenes.

Production is the actual making of the film. It involves an army of technicians, performers, production is editing, production personnel make up and wardrobe people, set designers, electricians and caterers.

The main task in post - production is editing. It also involves the hiring of editors, dubbing engineers, special effect engineers and graphic artists who work on the film titles and the credits.

Once the post - production has been completed, a finished film is ready to move out. The next stage of its life cycle is distribution. This process brings together the finished film and the people who want to sample it - the audience.

Distribution involves the acquiring a film, negotiating the number of prints to be made and released to the exhibition, negotiating...