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Analysis on Yugo Nakamura- Top webmaster

The Internet is quickly becoming the fastest medium of communications with over 60 million user's World Wide Web. The problem presented in today's Internet is how to maintain the audiences' attention long enough for them to receive our message. According to Yugo Nakamura, we will solve this problem by designing page with interactivity in mind.

He intended to focus his interest on environment interaction. This perception of environment interaction innovated him to create a website using interactive response in communication.

One good example of his pieces in his archive directory, "Nervous Matrix 02 Beta" was fully interactive with animated foreground. As the mouse moved over the target area of spheres, it shows that a mass area of spheres is following the cursor. It captures the audience attention. Upon clicking on it, the sphere's changes to numeric which continues to animate despite the mouse is roll out of target area.

I think is his aim of interactivity with audience is very successful. Audience will be entertained if they visit a highly interactive corporate company website. They get feedback each time they rollover or click on a link. Good visual design plays an important role, so does animation and sound on WebPages. I would like to share a link on high interactive profile website,

His design strategies are to uncover and emphasize on web communication. Despite he has not fully achieved what he wants to be, there is still a wealth of unexplored avenues and possibilities.


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