This is an analysise on a Paul Nash painting called "Landscape from a Dream".

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A Dream World

Imagine walking along the dark shale cliffs of the English coast. Down below the waves crash upon the cliffs creating a soothing wish wash of sound. The rays from a sunset cast shadows that stretch out before you. A bird takes flight enjoying the thermals that the days heat has brought. Everything feels perfect. The temperature feels not one degree too hot. The wind whooshes gently and soothingly. The sounds blend together to create a melody of music. The salty smell of the ocean washes away all troubles. One only finds all of this in dreams. Most people have wished for this experience at one point in their lives. Welcome to a Landscape From a Dream.

The large bird standing in the middle of this painting catches the eye first. Two things stand in front of the bird: a mirror and a five section stand-up window. One of the sections stands between the bird and the mirror.

In the background, the ocean washes up against charcoal cliffs. The artist painted a storm cloud coming over the ocean heading towards land. Hills roll across the terrain above the cliffs with patches of grass splotched over the light dirt. In front of the mirror stands a dark-brown sphere with a shadow stretching at a slight angle from it. Inside the mirror, a gazer would find another look at the landscape. A sun sets over the land casting a red blanket over the sky. A bird soars through the air between peaceful white clouds. The landscape consists of rolling hills dotted with the strange brown spheres with shadows reaching towards the mirror. The reflection of the standing hawk shows an expression of longing for the world inside the mirror.

The colors used in this painting stand out to a casual...