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Everyone knows what is wrong with New York City: crime, dirt, racial tension, drugs, welfare, taxes, inadequate housing inferior education. But here is the study of New York

by specialist from the fields of economics, sociology, political science, and social work who challenge all the old assumption. In fact, they come up with a refreshingly optimistic study and a realistic one claiming that the long range trend is for New York to prosper, not to decline.

Much attention has been given to the alleged symptoms of a dying city, the threat of declining employments due to a loss in manufacturing, a increase in welfare cost the relocation of large corporations.

Of all Americans domestics policies, welfare programs are the most disputed policy analyst from a wide spectrum of political perspectives have long argued about the cost, benefits, and objectives of various welfare programs. Welfare reform policies have been hotly debated by conservatives and liberals in congress, as well as by the administrators of the program.

Although these groups disagree as to the proper policies to adopt, we all agree we are in a "welfare mess". In the 2003 preliminary mayors management report indicates that a new reform for welfare services is been reauthorized for the next phase of the reform which will give our poor

communities more opportunities and to our government more controlled over the necessities and responsibilities towards our community.

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The New York is the nation primary growth pole. It has been the birth place of many new products and technologies and has evolved as the center of corporate management, planning and innovation. The city is not dominated by one industry it is characterize by a dynamic and diverse, but independent set of activities relating to the management and growth of the sectors. It is...