Analytic Essay of The Most Dangerous game by Richard Connell

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A story full of action, suspense, well developed characters, and a titanic struggle of good vs. evil is "The Most Dangerous Game." In this story the author, Richard Connell, shows the reader his traits of his characters and how they do what they do with the plot. The main character, Rainsford, tests his wits against Zaroff, the antagonist of the story. The author also cleverly puts in ironic twists in the story to enhance his elements. The elements of plot and character will be analyzed in this essay.

In "The Most Dangerous Game" Richard Connell starts off the story with Whitney and Rainsford in a boat going to hunt jaguar. As they talk Whitney mentions that hunting is only a good sport for the hunters. Rainsford says that nobody cares what the jaguar feels. There, the author has made an ironic plot twist for later. Then they talk about an island nearby, Ship-Trap Island. This is an introduction the author makes to the island where he will get Rainsford in the book. Rainsford later gets hunted by Zaroff who also thinks in that manner (with a couple of twists). Later when Rainsford is on the deck at night he hears gunshots, and then when he inspects further, he falls off the yacht. Richard Connell is now setting Rainsford up so he can get to the island where the evil General Zaroff dwells. As Rainsford yells out to the yacht in the water he suddenly gets calm. He starts swimming toward Ship-Trap Island in a set pace. The author now makes it clear to the reader that the author plans to get Rainsford to find out what is at the bottom of this dreaded island. When he is swimming he continues hearing gunshots and finally he hits the...